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    5 things with Innes

    This article appeared in the May edition of scenestr magazine in 2017.

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    Innes in Bits - New Album

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    Medicine and music

    This appeared in Lifestyle segment of Westside News in July 2017 and details how Innes juggles twin careers in medicine and music.Full article here .

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Innes is a unique artist from Brisbane, Australia, who combines the best of acoustic instrumentation with cutting edge technology. His music is a dense, sensuous mixture of beautiful songcraft and intelligent production, his live show is a mesmerising production of mandolin, guitar, vocals and electronic sounds.

More About Innes


Bits album cover - art by Innes

'Bits' is the second solo offering from Innes Campbell. It blends acoustic guitar, mandolin and violin (played by Gareth Mewes)and slide guitar into a matrix of electronic landscapes and melodies. Two songs from the album were released as singles on Heapsaflash records: 'Bells' and 'Green Morning'. The music videos for these songs feature electronic landscapes and are Innes's most ambitious video projects to date.

Live at Woodford - Lead vocalist/guitar

In addition to his solo project Innes was frontman and main songwriter for the bluegrass band 'Present Company' which later became 'The Company', after his departure. The band were a big hit on the bluegrass scene and featured several high profile bluegrass players. Innes was National Bluegrass Guitar Champion in 2009 and the bluegrass influence can still be heard in his music today.

Live Looping - with Boss RC-300

Before switching to using a computer on stage Innes used a variety of different electronic instruments to create interesting textures and landscapes of sound. Here, he is pictured with his beloved Boss RC-300 looper - a tasty bit of stage gear which records then plays back elements of guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass pedals or voice. Eventually however, it got too complicated to manage all the different bits of equipment on stage and it was prone to breaking down mid-set for no discernable reason! And if you look closeley you can see some grey hairs starting to appear at his temples..

My Albums



The newest album from Innes, 'Bits' combines the thoughtful songwriting and beautifully contructed landscapes of sound that is Innes's signature. The guitar playing is crisp and flawless, and along with mandolin and violin (played here by Gareth Mewes) they weave their way throughout these mainly darky digitally inspired songs - songs about deconstruction, illusions, basic human needs and foibles, and even present day satire featuring the inevitable Donald Trump. Available on itunes here .

  1. Green Morning 02:11
  2. Ocean 03:05
  3. Alles Klar 03:31
  4. Bells 05:19
  5. How Many 03:21
  6. Way Up High 07:50
  7. The Donald Train Part 1 01:59
  8. The Donald Train Part 2 04:12
  9. The Donald Train Part 3/span> 02:25
  10. Walk 03:21

Click to Like

The first solo release from Innes, 'Click To Like' spans Innes's transition from previous acoustic / folk music into more compuer-based composition and performance. The title of the album anchors us in the early 2010s - social media had just become the most important currency in the social fabric of the world and the means by which all things would be measured. This superficiality shines through in almost every song - for example 'Nothing left to say'. There are songs about alienation such as 'Brown' - which throw light on the ridiculous situation of white migration to Australia, and songs of a more personal nature: 'Two's Company' comments on social pressure on older mothers to have children. There are some light moments too - 'Pig Dog Man' - a madcap story about Wild Pig hunting in Australia. Available on itunes here .

  1. Lost and Found 01:21
  2. Oh Jimmy 03:40
  3. Phantom Power 02:53
  4. Above The Law 02:12
  5. Two's Company 04:02
  6. Brown 03:50
  7. Only This 02:55
  8. The Cruel Freak 04:45
  9. Pig. Dog. Man. 03:39
  10. Nothing Left To Say 03:28


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